B-BBEE and Skills Development in the Agri Sector

The Role of the Agricultural Sector in the South African Economy

The agricultural sector is widely expected to be a key driver of both local and global economic growth; however, agricultural performance has been hampered, with a mere 2.47 percent contribution to GDP in 2021 according to stats sa. The agricultural sector’s economic goals are heavily reliant on increasing skill development, agricultural productivity, and trade. Skills Junction aims to facilitate B-BBEE empowerment in the agricultural sector by implementing inclusive skills development training programmes at all the levels of the agricultural supply chain.

B-BBEE and Agricultural Sector

The Agriculture Sector Code is a guiding principle for transformation, with the goal of promoting and supporting small, medium, and large-scale black farmers. To ensure a sustainable economy, the sector must be able to increase productivity and contribute significantly to GDP, and B-BBEE aims to ensure that the benefits of this industry are distributed more equitably among all citizens.

The B-BBEE codes for the Agri sector also promote rural community development through job creation and investment in infrastructure, education, and training. It also encourages collaborations between established Agri-businesses and black-owned enterprises to share knowledge and resources and promote long-term growth in the sector.

Skills Development in the Agricultural Sector

Skills Junction aims to implement inclusive skills development activities by:

  • Promoting equitable access and participation to existing and new enterprises in the entire agricultural value chain through education;
  • Providing employees with occupational skills across a wide range of agricultural sectors;
  • Unleashing the entrepreneurial potential and skills of previously disadvantaged individuals in the sector;
  • Increasing rural and local community access to economic activities through skill training;
  • Social upliftment and restoration of all citizens’ dignity within the sector through skill development;

Our accredited agriculture programme offering includes:

Quick Fact!

Skills Junction is a AGRISETA accredited training provider, a Level 1 EME with 100% B-BBEE compliance, and 135% procurement recognition.

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