ESD – Promoting Skills for Sustainable Development

Driving South Africa’s economy through skills, enterprise and supplier development

Without education, there can be no sustainable development, Education is the deliberate, and continuous effort to acquire knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, or sensibilities. Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is one of the B-BBEE sustainability pillars that aims to drive economic growth while also developing a skilled and capable labor market. The goal is for businesses to change the socio-economic landscape, with Enterprise Development contributing to Preferential Procurement and Skills Development contributing to Employment Equity.

The emphasis is on development

Corporate South Africa is a key and critical stakeholder in the transformation of value chains, businesses that employ ESD strategies enable localisation – the development of skills, employment opportunities, and upliftment within historically disadvantaged communities. Other strategies for the supplier development include preferential payment terms, which allow cash flow management and avoid having to wait the standard 30-60 days for payment. Ultimately building a sustainable and economically sound future for all.

Strategic Procurement

Although this topic is a top priority on the national agenda, it is often difficult to implement effectively at the organisational level. However, businesses that commit to good corporate citizenship and embrace ethical, social, and national policy frameworks can benefit from preferential procurement by examining their procurement processes to determine the status of B-BBEE goals and what can be outsourced to local suppliers. Employing black-woman owned EME’s such as Skills Junction contributes to a more inclusive economy while reducing inequality allowing us to scale, create jobs and operate efficiently and effectively.

Partner with Skills Junction

ESD is one of the three priority elements of the B-BBEE scorecard, and the Enterprise and Supplier Development scorecard consists of Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Supplier Development. By strategically partnering with Skills Junction your business not only scores maximum points in all the heavy weighted priority elements of the B-BBEE scorecard, but also drives effective and sustainable economic growth.

Quick Fact!

Skills Junction is a QCTO and SETA accredited training provider and a Level 1 EME with 100% B-BBEE compliance and 135% procurement recognition.

“Your Development is our Driving Force”