The Silver Lining

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Youth unemployment is unquestionably structural and systemic in South Africa. Even at the peak of the economic cycle, the economy’s overall inability to provide employment for the youth stands at 63.9%, according to Stats SA’s most recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey. A lack of education and training, as well as a discrepancy between the skills that young people possess and those that employers desire, are seen as the main contributors to South Africa’s high unemployment rate.

The Solution

The Learnership approach has been identified as the only sustainable solution to skills shortages facing the labour market. A nationwide learnership model that is promoted and encouraged could reduce youth unemployment significantly. There are several advantages to implementing vocational training through learnerships:

  • The most effective way to address structural unemployment is to assist youth in acquiring the skills that employers most require.
  • Learnerships combine theory and workplace practical’s, allowing individuals to gain work experience while honing their skills to meet the needs of employers.
  • Learnerships offer a solution in the reduction of skill mismatch by responding to changes in the labour market.
  • Learnerships also provide a stepping stone into the labour market; competent learners receive a nationally recognised qualification that is transferable across industries and includes a set of knowledge, skills, and competencies to perform that occupation.
  • The completion of a learnership may result in a job offer from the company where the training was completed.
  • Learnerships are a “earn-as-you-learn” strategy that allow participants to get paid while pursuing certification and credits.
  • Learnerships present employers with a variety of advantages, including skilled workers, and for the most part, a profitable return on investment.

What are the benefits to the unemployed learner?

  • The learner earns a monthly stipend while studying.
  • Access to formal vocational education
  • Gains valuable work experience
  • Boost career and employment prospects

What are the benefits to the employer?

  • The opportunity to develop and grow talent.
  • Gain valuable B-BBEE points to boost your company’s competitiveness.
  • Take advantage of the available learnership and employment tax incentives.
  • Achieve your company’s employment equity targets

Learnership implementation is critical in reducing South Africa’s distressing unemployment rate and providing a silver lining in a dark cloud for the many unemployed youths yearning for a brighter future. Join forces with Skills Junction, a dynamic skills development training provider that works with forward-thinking businesses of all sizes to develop talent and career paths.

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