Public Learnerships

2024 Public Learnership Intake

Skills Junction understands that not all employers or businesses have the resources to sponsor large groups of learners – The key idea of our public learnerships is the transition of strategic thinking into operational reality. Through this delivery mode, we aim to provide access to national qualifications to any organisation or business representative. Whether you are a company looking to develop one or more employees, unemployed youth, or people living with disabilities, we can assist.

10 Year Pedigree

Skills Junction draws on more than 10 years of experience in group work and skills development training to offer public learnerships. We are exclusively qualified to exponentially increase the value of learnerships, not only for the employer but for the learner as well.

ETD Practitioners

The effectiveness of our public learnerships is largely due to the ability of our highly qualified and experienced ETD (education, training, and development) professionals. This is a fundamental area that we invest in to ensure that our facilitators, assessors, and moderators are the best in the business, yielding remarkable results and lasting learning impact.

Work-integrated learning is the basis of everything we do

At Skills Junction, we believe that it is essential to provide our learners with a balance of knowledge and skills, complimented by a practical understanding of how to apply them. As educators offering public learnerships, we are committed to ensuring that our learners are equipped to make a valuable contribution to the workplace and advance their careers, as well as fostering a growth mindset approach in which an individual believes that their talents, intelligence, and abilities can be further developed.

Benefits of Public Learnerships

  • High-quality, facilitated learning delivered by rigorously vetted ETD practitioners
  • A small group size (maximum of 15 participants) to achieve optimized learning experience
  • Hosting: work-integrated learning
  • Training ROI: 100% completion rate and certification
  • Absorption: Long-term employment contract after learnership completion

Quick Fact!

Skills Junction is a QCTO and SETA-accredited training provider and a Level 1 EME with 100% B-BBEE compliance and 135% procurement recognition.

“Your development is our driving force.”

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