QCTO Ready

Moving forward with the QCTO framework

As QCTO assumes responsibility from the SETAs, the transition promises to bring about a more standard and uniform approach to occupational qualifications and skills programmes. Skills Junction has been steadily preparing for the shift by upholding its commitment to provide industry-leading qualifications and has proudly achieved ”twenty-one” OCTO-accredited qualifications to date.

Employers and businesses should be aware that the transformation will have no impact on the recognition of learnerships for B-BBEE purposes, including the valued S12H. However, in order to raise the bar for quality standards across all training providers and qualifications, learners will need to pass a national external exam.

Systematic change that focuses on quality

The QCTO framework recognizes skills programmes or short courses, which is just another game changer we’re looking forward to.The edition takes a more systematic approach to incorporating the quality assurance processes for these skills programmes, ensuring that all learners, professionals, blue-collar workers, unemployed, and those classified as NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) are equipped with relevant and transferable competencies to enhance lifelong employability.

The ecosystem of skills development

The skills development ecosystem promotes lifelong learning and adaptation to meet the evolving demands of the labour market. The aim is to develop not only technical skills but also transferable skills such as problem-solving, communication, entrepreneurship, etc.

As the skills development landscape evolves, all stakeholders must be ready to embrace the paradigm-shifting transformations that are now taking place. The QCTO’s mission is to ensure that occupational qualifications and skills programmes are accessible and credible to all, in order to meet the economic demands for skills that will propel South Africa forward.

Quick Fact!

Skills Junction is a QCTO-accredited skills development training provider and a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor with 135% procurement recognition.