Learnerships for People with Disabilities

B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice – Disability Inclusion

Skills Junction specializes in the 360° management and implementation of high-quality inclusive learnership programmes that go above and beyond to ensure that learners with disabilities obtain the qualifications and skills required to succeed in their desired careers and employment fields.

People living with disabilities have low rates of employment and participation in vocational education and training. Prejudice, a lack of work experience, a mismatch in skills, social isolation, low schooling levels, insufficient learning methodologies, exploitation, and transportation are all barriers to employment for people with disabilities, particularly young people with disabilities.

Learnerships, for example, are an effective route to employment for people with disabilities. When people with disabilities receive training and gain employment, their financial situation, and the ability to contribute to society improve immensely, as does their quality of life.

Disability-inclusive entails removing physical, psychological, attitudinal, and financial barriers to learning for people living with disabilities. Because of their practical approach and effective learning transfer – quality learnership programmes have a high potential for benefiting people with disabilities.

Key benefits of inclusive learnerships

  • Employers focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility can reach under-represented groups and create career pathways for people with disabilities in the current and future workplace.
  • Employers can reap significant benefits from hiring people with disabilities by increasing revenue, increasing retention, attracting a more diverse customer base, and creating a more inclusive and accessible workplace culture.
  • Disability employment equity benefits employers by encouraging fair and equitable representation and promoting previously disadvantaged groups in the workplace.
  • Employers can also use disability awareness and sensitisation to encourage and promote integration, inclusion, equal opportunities, and fair treatment.
  • A learnership for people living with disabilities can boost your BEE Scorecard by more than 12 points
  • Employers can claim up to R120 000 learnership tax incentives for each disabled participant on a registered learnership programme.

Official Source: The Codes of Good Practice

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