Strategic Account Management

‘Best in ClassAccount Management

Learnerships have become the most important component of the vocational training sector, which is a highly competitive market. Skills development training providers looking to implement learnership programmes on behalf of large employers have to be on top of every aspect of their game. This must be evident not only when they pitch for the business but also during the contract’s servicing, because retention is far from guaranteed when the contract is reviewed.

Prospective employers will, of course, look into the training provider’s overall learnership completion and success rates, despite the fact that learnerships present their own set of challenges. Learners, for example, will need to be proactive, independent, and disciplined in order to balance work and study. In addition to all of that, account management reputation is also important in gaining new clients, and at Skills Junction, we invest heavily in ensuring this is “best in class” for employers of all sizes.


Skills Junction ensures that learners have a strong support network from the start. Our learners have 24/7 access to mentors to help with any day-to-day challenges. In addition, a programme manager monitors their progress every step of the way, ensuring that they are on track to reach their full potential.

The employer “our client,” can access 24/7 live reporting online of a learner’s progress. We find that this is highly valued.

Managing Training

Meeting the 30% theoretical training requirement for learnerships can be more challenging in some industries than others. For example, among our clients are major wholesale and retail businesses, and both the employer and the learners must be supported during busy seasons while everyone follows the rules. Skills Junction then advises employers on the best way to accomplish this. Our support is designed to make the experience both smooth and active.

Best Practice

Ultimately, our goal is to train and support learners to successfully complete their programmes. By forging close partnerships with employers, we know that the outcomes will result in increased productivity and higher levels of employee retention. The quality of the training and assessment is crucial to this endeavour, but at Skills Junction, we believe that strong account management skills should never be underestimated.

Quik Fact!

Skills Junction is a QCTO and SETA accredited learnership training provider, as well as a BEE Level 1 contributor, with a solid commitment to 100% learner completion and 100% return on investment for all of our employers.