Virtual Training

Enhancing Our Remote Learning Experience

Skills Junction‘s stakeholders now have access to our virtual learning platform, which will help support and improve our remote learning experience. The implementation of the application expands on our already well-established remote delivery capabilities, enhancing our ability to provide a tailored and engaging learning experience.

The technology at Skills Junction enables our facilitators to deliver impactful online learning that keeps learners engaged during and after sessions. Learners can participate in virtual classrooms where our facilitators share presentations and also stream webinars. Furthermore, the platform is fully integrated with our Learning Management System (LMS), allowing participants to stay within the LMS environment and navigate through resources during screen sharing.

With one-on-one and group messaging, the online learning platform encourages collaboration before, during, and after learning sessions, facilitating the 1:1 training, support, and feedback at the heart of Skills Junction‘s learnership provision.

Meetings can be recorded and transcribed with the click of a button for easy recaps and future reference. Furthermore, the online platform fully integrates with Google and Microsoft calendars, allowing learners to integrate their learning schedule into their work or personal email and avoid double bookings.

We are very proud and delighted to be able to use this new technology to provide exciting and engaging learning experiences to learners across our provision.

Quick Fact!

Skills Junction is a QCTO and SETA accredited training provider and a Level 1 EME with 100% B-BBEE compliance and 135% procurement recognition.

“Your Development is our Driving Force”